December 15, 2010

Canvas to Corset-- How a roll of straw fabric is molded to the curves of the female form for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Is it fabric?  Yes, it is a beautiful basketweave diamond patterned STRAW fabric!  Who makes a corset out of straw you ask?  Well here is the answer: Period Corsets®  of course, for the 2010 Victoria's Secert Fashion Show.

 Why you say? Well,  they asked us and who are we to say one can't make a coset out of straw (or anything else you might want to use). So  here we go (look out for wolves...)

These are some helpful tips when sewing in straw:

Step by step:

Step #1--Study your material--this raw "fabric" likes to roll and  fray.
(It is a rather stiffly woven straw matting, so what do you expect?)

Step #2--Preparing sections of the roll of straw for cutting.  We stabalized the straw fabric with  fusible to our dusty rose satin coutil as a lining.

Step #3--Freshly cut corset pieces; the raw edges are ready to fray! eeek!


Step #4--Here comes the watered glue which helped to soften and elasticize the straw when we come to the seaming...

Step #5--Sewing the satin lined bust cup pieces together when wet helped to keep the straw fibers from breaking...

Step #6--same with the centerfront opening busk.  Note the busk is painted with enamel to match the straw to perfection, not the standard silver.

Step #7--Preparing for bust cup insertion.  Hello tissue paper!-- you are the friend of every costumer.  May you help with this incredibly curved and twice turned seam--  (Softening the fibers with the watered down glue will help too.)

Wow... there she goes, bending perfectly into shape.

Satin on the inside, straw on the outside. It holds it's own shape and barely needed any boning.

Voila!...a corset made of straw.

See the Corset on the Victoria' Secret Fashion Show Runway


Yoli said...

A work of art. Breathtakingly beautiful! SO much talent in your shop.

Period Corsets said...


cindy said...

really beautiful!!, where did you fid the straw fabric?


Period Corsets said...

Cindy-- The straw fabric was sent to us by the VS designers in NYC so we don't have the specific vendor.

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