December 11, 2017

Period Corsets® Vintage Collection- Fan Lacing Corset Girdle

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We bring to you another jewel from our own Period Corsets® collection of vintage corsets. This corset girdle features wonderful fan lacing to make self-tightening an easy task. 

This corset features an ingenious self-cinching method. By employing the use of two sets of fan lacing slides on either side of the body, the wearing can tighten her own laces without the help of others. The ties are laced through several holes with the other end being attached to straps that can be pulled and locked in place. 

The front of this corset has a hook and eye closure with elastic gussets and hip panels. This piece was all about getting in and out with as much ease as possible while creating a wonderful smooth long line across the lower torso.

Watch our video demonstrating this great lacing method:


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