April 13, 2009

What is a Corset Winch

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Client’s Question:
“This might be an odd question, but I’ve noticed that a lot of old vintage corsets have this hook type metal fitting in the front near front busk opening . What is that for?”

Period Corsets Answers:
“The metal hook you are referring to is called a winch. It possibly came into fashion when modern factories made corsets for the working woman. It was an innovation that allowed a woman to tighten up her corset more easily by herself without a dresser. As she pulled the laces tight she would cross them in the back and bring them around to the front. She could wrap the lace loops around the winch to hold them taught so that they would not give while she wiggled the corset tighter. (Something like a cleat for sailors pulling in a line or being on belay for a rock climber.) She could tie it off on the winch and let the laces hang down without creating a big knot at the waist, as the winch was located somewhere below the waist line. During the day the laces might loosen as she worked. But the winch also allowed her to adjust the tension of the laces throughout the work day."

April 6, 2009

Period Corsets® reach new heights in the New York Times

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The Metropolitan Opera announced its upcoming 2009-10 season in the New York Times Sunday edition, April 5th. Period Corsets® adds drama to the death defying heights in this new staging of Puccini's classic opera. Karita Mattila, as Tosca wears our c. 1905 Mae Corset and Late 19th c. Petticoat.

The Met's new production opens September 21st, James Levin conducting.
Photo by Brigitte Lacombe, courtesy of The Met.

Full page spread in the Sunday New York Times

Period Corsets®
on the streets of New York City.
( Love the taxi cab in the reflection!)

Photo by Jay SchwartzCoffey

April 3, 2009

Period Corsets® in rehearsal at the Shakespeare Theatre Company

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Period Corsets® supplies a complete period silhouette ready for overnight delivery so you can:
*get a jump on your build

*go straight into rehearsal

* wear in the performance
That's just what the Shakespeare Theatre Company did for their production of "Dog in the Manger". Miriam Silverman (center photo) wears our Cone farthingale.

Photos By Scott Suchman

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