March 12, 2018

Period Corsets Black and White Masquerade

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Masquerade season is upon us and with that comes more opportunities for Period Corsets to create stunning ensembles that are ready to wear for any upcoming ball or party. 

For our latest 18th century inspired look, we used an all black and white palette. Black silk, textured taffeta, silk charmeuse and touches of glossy black ribbons came together in a multi-pieced versatile ensemble. To achieve this look, we focused on using ivory with black touches and even created our own fabrics along the way. 

Before constructing, we started with a design sketch to map out our final look. Once we have our ideas formed, we source and shop our fabrics and trims. In a case such as this, we started with the fabrics first and then used them to inspired our designs. Sometimes a fabric alone, or even just a piece of trim, can birth a new creation.  

For this look, we wanted to add even more visual interest and bring in some additional black elements to compliment the solid black pieces in the ensemble. We added strips of black material to create some beautiful lines that ran vertically down the yardage used on our open front skirt.  

Our beautiful material, ready for construction. 

Separate stomacher piece in progress.

Elegant contrasting white ribbons for the back lacing.

Change your mood? Change your look!
Our versatile mix-and-match look features a removable front stomacher on the corset. This detachable piece contains several rows of black ribbons attached at the sides. By untying the ribbons, the corset can go from black and white to a more subdued solid black. 

Watch below to see our removable stomacher in action:

From the inside out- dressing for the ball:

Our costume in action, photo by Olga Plastino

For more info on this fabulous ensemble, contact us at or go to A Masquerade to inquire about renting Period Corsets garments for your next event.
You can also find more options for your upcoming Masquerade Ball through our Etsy store

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