December 2, 2016

Period Corsets on the cover of Fergie's Milf$ and Life Goes On

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Period Corsets collaborated with photography team Mert and Marcus, and the talented fashion maven Carine Roitfeld to outfit Fergie for the cover of her long awaited new album. Set to be photographed in Paris in late Winter of 2016, Ben Perreira, Carine's assistant and part of the CR Fashionbook team, contacted us requesting corsets.  "Can we have them in Paris on Friday?"
It was Thursday. "Why YES of course!"

photography by Mert & Marcus

A photo posted by @benperreira on
In late January, during a bustling Friday at Period Corsets, we received an email with that familiar plea, "We're doing a shoot, we need something quick, send us what you can ASAP!". This has been, and will continue to be our favorite kind of emergency. Every week we get phone calls and emails with a nervous voice on the other end in hopes of finding a solution for their costume and fashion dilemma. "I need it tomorrow and it needs to be custom fit and it has to look gorgeous!" We're on it!

Fergie's corset collection, we sent various styles and fabric choices.
At Period Corsets we work hands on with stylists and designers.  When we're contacted  they explain the scope and concept of  the project. Then we work with them to create a small collection of pieces to choose from so they have multiple options at the ready. For Fergie, the concept was simple:  "extremely feminine and beautiful," colors - black, and white or light pink.  We sent an extensive variety of colors and fabrics in several  Corset styles. Then we wait with bated breath to hear how it goes.  It's always exciting to see which corset is the lucky winner.  And then if our corset makes the final editorial cut!

The lucky winner! Our c. 1905 Mae in Lilac Pink brocade was the choice for Fergie
Sometimes we have no idea which corset the stylists chose until the final photos are released. Luckily for us this time, we had word that our c. 1905 Mae in Lilac Pink Brocade was the corset of choice. It provided the perfect shaping.  Hilary, the owner  of Period Corsets was sure it was ours.  As soon as she saw the photo pop up on Instagram, she can spot a Period Corsets a dècolletage a mile away!

Period Corsets Undercover On the Cover 
 This time literally our corset is "under the cover". It's hidden there under the cropped edge of the image creating that fabulous pop-star cleavage. As Maxim magazine puts it, .... Fergie looks great, topless..."  
ahh! the magic of illusion. 

Bespoke with Speed AND Quality
At Period Corsets, we have three standing rules- make it quick, make it the highest quality, make it custom.  Time and again we have come through for our high-profile clients, whether our pieces are on stage the next day underneath a costume on Broadway, sent across country for immediate filming or flown across seas to appear in the pages of a fashion magazine. Our quick turnaround, precision stitching, and bespoke service is what sets us apart. The competition is fierce in the costuming world, with so many larger companies turning to overseas help. Period Corsets has persevered for almost 20 years,  continuing to handcraft all of our pieces in our Seattle studio with highly trained professionals. We strive to be the best for ALL of our clients whether it's an individual like you an me or a celebrity. We have a passion for our art and it shows in every stitch.
photography by Mert & Marcus

un-edited version, you can see our Mae corset
photography by Mert & Marcus

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