May 31, 2010

Period Corsets® Grommet Machine in Action

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Meet the  Period Corsets® Grommeter-- the Machine and the Man.

O'Rion, long-time Period Corsets® employee, demonstrates grommeting the center back panels of a corset using our mechanical foot press grommet die setter, otherwise know as a grommet machine and fondly referred to by our shop as... The Grommeter!

#1-- One must focus on the task at hand while grommeting.

Also Take note:

#2-- The top lever has two positions; while the lever is over the left side it engages the cutting die.  Observe as O'Rion cuts the holes in the garment.

#3--O'Rion switches the lever to the right side engaging the setting die. He adds a grommet washer, followed by the garment, then the on-top grommet. 

#4-- In  orchestrated motion O'Rion employs the foot press when needed for each cutting and setting action.

In conclusion:  a Simple, Elegant and  Efficient process, by-words for our work at Period Corsets®.

May 10, 2010

Period Corsets® Louisa Corset c. 1725 in 360°

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Take a look at the Louisa Stays circa 1725 in 360°.

The Louisa c. 1725 corset creates a shapely, triangular form, using 1/4" steel and spiral bones, and two layers of coutil. The corset is cut to enhance and lift the bust, and shape the waist. The waist tabs, cut in one with the corset, curve over the hips. The shoulder straps are optional, as this style was often seen without straps.

May 1, 2010

Vote on Facebook: What is your pick for a new Period Corsets® Product?

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Period Corsets® has taken the leap:  we've launched our company Facebook page. Come on over and take a look. We will be posting what we are up to, including projects in the works, new products in development, news about productions with our garments undercover or out in the open on stage! We look forward to connecting with our wonderful fans, colleagues and clients.

This  discussion topic on our Period Corsets® Facebook page was deleted by facebook, but you can take a look at the photos of the product candidates, and then place your vote here on this picasa album:

What historic undergarment would you prefer to have made outside your costume shop?

  • A drum farthingale in the style of Queen Elizabeth I in all her glory?
  • A short petticoat in a gossamer batiste with delicate pin-tucks?
  • A corset? Which corset era do you find yourself making over and over, that you'd prefer to be available in five sizes, orderable and overnighted from

Visit our Facebook page,  for more survey's.
Write-in candidates welcome.
Happy voting!

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