June 22, 2015

The Ballet Petticoat

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Introducing our newest addition to the Period Corsets® petticoat line, the Ballet Petticoat. Designed with musical theatre in mind, this shorter, flirty petticoat offers dancers a full range of movement showcasing the twirls and high kicks of any choreography.

Ballet Petticoat in a twirl

Here at Period Corsets® we develop all of our products in house based directly on the needs of our clients. The ballet Petticoat is no exception. We created these garments for Broadway productions of Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.
Disney's Beauty and the Beast, International Tour, photo by Joan Marcus
The Ballet Petticoat is a great pick for musical theater with their frilly ruffle and their more than a circle skirt fullness at the hem. It has a 25" waist to hem length with four 1/2" tucks, for length alter-ability, and a circumference of 240" at the hem.  Created with 5 bias-cut circular gores gathered into a yoke with an adjustable drawstring waistband, to fit your waist perfectly. It fits well under a corset or bodice for a nice, smooth look from waist to hip.
adjustable waistband works great on top or underneath a corset or bodice
The Ballet Petticoat is crafted from one hundred percent cotton so that it can be dyed and allows for breathable comfort. We make it in our five sizes with options for custom sizing. As with all of our retail garments, they are alterable to your specifications. We can make them longer or out of different fabrics, giving you many usable options from a fluffy underskirt to a full skirt for outerwear.
Ballet Petticoat in action
 When we add a product to our retail line we take our clients  needs into account. We choose the silhouette and attributes that are the most commonly needed for your production. We make it into a high-quality garment with its customary petticoat details  Give us your ideas and we're happy to customize our products to create your garment dreams.
 John Kristiansen New York Inc added their own layer of net with eyelet trim.
 photo courtesy of JoJo Johnson
Whether we're creating your finished garment or something you'll be adding the final touches to in your shop, Period Corsets® goal is to save you time and money. We create the underwear so you can focus on outerwear!

Let's take 'er for a spin! Watch the Ballet Petticoat in action!

Ballet Petticoat in motion from Hilary Specht on Vimeo.

April 6, 2015

Period Corsets® and Salem; Witch War, the battle of the stomachers!

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In the series Salem, season 2 there is a witch war.  The main opponents are the Countess Marburg, a newcomer to Salem played by Lucy Lawless and Mary Sibley, played by Janet Montgomery.  In an interview with the New York Times, Ms. Lawless says, "The countess is no wall stain; she will be an integral part of the witch war that is to occupy the second season.“I’m here to give Janet’s character a hard time,” Ms. Lawless said. “A very, very hard time.”  

Bodices made by Period Corsets®,
 trimmed and finished by the Salem design team

  Here at Period Corsets® the witch war consisted of the battle over who has the most gorgeous stomacher.  A stomacher is the center front panel of  a bodice or corset. Historically it was a removable panel, but its primary definition is that it is the showpiece of the garment, filled with delicate and intricate embroidery.  Joseph Porro, the costume designer and his design team at Salem outdid themselves with the luxurious custom embroidered fabrics they sent us to make each corset or bodice. Every character seemed to have one more beautiful than the next.

 Here Ms. Lawless seems to agree,
“When I went to the costume fitting... when they dressed me up and made me so glamorous, I was shocked.”

Pictured above and below are my two favorites, one for each witch, in the fabric, in the bodice and then on screen.

Marburg Stomacher in the works at Period Corsets
Marburg Bodice at Period Corsets
Mary Sibley Stomacher fabric
Mary Sibley Bodice finished at Period Corsets
Countess Marburg and Mary Sibley in their dueling Bodices

Which do you like best?
 There are many more to come!

To keep up to date on a daily basis of our parade of elaborate stomachers, bodices, and corsets follow us on our Period Corsets instagram 

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