February 17, 2016

Period Corsets®: "Famous Corsets from a Shop in Seattle" a TV interview with Evening King 5

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The Period Corsets® studio was summed up perfectly in 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Everything from  "This Corset!, it's so comfortable!",  (the quote we hear most frequently from our clients), to our ethic of   "Corsets for Every Body", and the launch of  our newest retail line:  Palatine Bridal, Exquisite Plus-Size Gowns, was discussed.   Period Corsets® was honored to be featured on TV again on Evening  King 5.  We opened up our studio for a full tour of our work space to provide an inside look at how Period Corsets® works and what we've been working on.
take a look--
Period Corsets interview for King 5 Evening Magazine from Hilary Specht on Vimeo.

And if you prefer to read it, here is the transcript from our interview:

SEATTLE, WA -- This salon in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood makes custom corsets:  Both silhouettes from the past...and shapes that are pop-culture present:

"So this one was actually worn by Fergie," explained Period Corsets' owner Hilary Specht Coffey. Madonna, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show models also wear their work.

 "It's pretty fun to see the things coming down the aisle that we made," said Specht Coffey.
Bespoke corset construction has its challenges:
"This year (for 2010) in the show a designer said 'I wanna make a corset out of straw, and maybe another corset out of barbed wire.," she explained, showing the mockup of the straw corset. The barbed wire corset didn't make it beyond idea stage. 

Corsets they're currently making for WGN'S 'Salem' present another challenge: Deadlines are  tight in the custom corset world.

 Sara Lanzillotta, the office manager, explains:  "People call up from all manner of backgrounds, either it's an individual that has a wedding coming up, or a designer working on a Broadway show, or a film company,  they usually need it last week. And so, we do it."

These pieces aren't just for costumes and models -- anyone can order.
Model Deana volunteered to undergo a transformation to a corseted wedding gown from their plus-size  bridal line called Palatine Bridal.

Everyone here thinks that's what the corset has always been about.
"We got into this business because we like to create beautiful things," Specht Coffey said.

"Some people, when they think of corsets think 'Oh that's oppressive, it's keeping the woman down," said Lanzillotta. "But it's not. It's about the completely opposite thing. You feel powerful when you have that corset on. You feel strong."

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