June 7, 2011

Spectrum Dance Theater debuts a dance in Period Corsets®

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Period Corsets® c.1950 Stevie Merry widow corsets danced across the stage in crimson, turquoise and peach at Spectrum Dance Theater this spring.  A collaboration of the Seattle Dance Project,  Act Theatre and choregraphed by Donald Byrd; the combination of talent was inspiring.

Photo credit: Gabriel Bienczycki

Titled the "Variety Show";  the collection of pieces was just as it sounds. It was a fresh and entertaining assemblage of dance showing the depth of this companies artistry; at times comic, sad, romantic, and powerful. Every turn inspired a new emotion.

  Photo credit: Gabriel Bienczycki


Doris Black costume designer for the show featured our Period Corsets® c. 1950 Stevie corsets.    The burlesque  piece starts out laconically with three women draped lazily in their chairs. You soon realize there is more to this line up than meets the eye. In the foreground there is a male observer, dressed in a suit, haphazardly taking notes, at times directing.  Each dancer takes a turn to show her un-enthusiastic half-heartedly rendered talent. The dancers  staccato, clumsy, “I can do this audition in my sleep” renditions proceed . The dancers tip-toe, tripping, carefully tread  the fine line of artful comedic sex appeal.   Hilarious, enticing and thought provoking!
  Photo credit: Gabriel Bienczycki

Period Corsets® was delighted to supply the corsets that enabled these wonderful dancers to communicate this subtle commentary in dance.

Photo credit: Gabriel Bienczycki

Photo credit: Gabriel Bienczycki

"At Spectrum Studio Theatre April 21-23, May 6-7At ACT April 28-30, 2011
In The Bullitt Cabaret
Running Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Delving into the converging place where art, entertainment and innovation meet, The Variety Show is a collaborative effort between Spectrum Dance Theater, Seattle Dance Project, and ACT Theatre. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources – European cabaret, vintage game shows, supper club floor shows, and a little Dada as well – the performance will incorporate a number of short dance/theater pieces created by Donald Byrd, Catherine Cabeen, Eva Stone, Ezra Dickinson, and Timothy Lynch."

April 21-23 and May 6-7, The Variety Show performances will be held at the Spectrum Studio Theater. Tickets to go on sale for those performances in mid-March through Spectrum Dance Theater

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