March 31, 2017

Be on TV in your Palatine Bridal ensemble!

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Are you engaged and planning your upcoming wedding this fall? 
Palatine Bridal is partnering with a brand new documentary series that will debut on T.V.  If you are chosen by the casting company they will be filming your journey to matrimony, from saying yes to your dress (custom made for you by Palatine Bridal) to the wedding day.  

Purchase your bridal attire through Palatine Bridal and you may be chosen to participate in this upcoming show!

Couples chosen will be paid $10,000 for their participation in the filming of the series. 

 The casting company is looking for an interesting story.  It could be as simple as the challenge faced by curvy, or plus-sized brides in finding a perfectly fitting dress (which is what we at Palatine Bridal excel at) or the melding of different family backgrounds, cultures or traditions. Perhaps a significant age difference or lifestyle?

Ideally we are looking for couples with curvy, plus-sized shapes or brides with a unique take on the classic bridal style. Your wedding should be scheduled for September or October 2017. 

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See our wedding ensembles and pick one off the rack, or use them as inspiration for your own designs. Palatine Bridal works with you to make your wedding dress dreams come true! We specialize in exquisite gowns for every shape and size of woman.  

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