February 19, 2019

A Coastal Wedding on the Scottish Shores- Period Corsets on Location

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The wild winds of Scotland's western coastline became the perfect setting for an intimate destination wedding. Seattle couple Shane and Kimberly traveled back to his family's roots for their private seaside nuptials.

To represent his family line, Shane wore a traditional kilt in his family's tartan while Kimberly wore a bespoke gown and corset by Period Corsets, in collaboration with Zeita Studios. 

Something Blue- Kimberly in her bespoke gown

When dreaming of her ideal gown, bride Kimberly envisioned flowing layers of fluffy tulle in varying shades of blue to resemble the waves of the Scottish shores.

Frothy skirts like the ocean waves of Scotland
Inspiration board for the dress design by Zeita Studios

 Over the years Period Corsets has had the pleasure to work with many brides, helping them achieve their bridal visions. For this project, we collaborated with the wonderful Zeita Studios, a Seattle based bridal company that specializes in bespoke gowns. They selected one of our corsets as an important element of their inspired ensemble. 

Kimberly fitting her gown at Zeita Studios, corset by Period Corsets

To compliment her wild and windy layered skirt, Period Corsets created a beautiful matching corset in pale blue brocade. Our classic hourglass shaped c. 1880 Alice corset was the ideal silhouette that Kimberly was looking for with the particular shaping that she had requested. Something curvy, supportive, and powerful to represent the strength and fluidity of the ocean.

A beautiful start to a beautiful life! Thank you to Zeita Studio for including Period Corsets in this special project. And thank you Kimberly for wearing it so well!


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