May 31, 2010

Period Corsets® Grommet Machine in Action

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Meet the  Period Corsets® Grommeter-- the Machine and the Man.

O'Rion, long-time Period Corsets® employee, demonstrates grommeting the center back panels of a corset using our mechanical foot press grommet die setter, otherwise know as a grommet machine and fondly referred to by our shop as... The Grommeter!

#1-- One must focus on the task at hand while grommeting.

Also Take note:

#2-- The top lever has two positions; while the lever is over the left side it engages the cutting die.  Observe as O'Rion cuts the holes in the garment.

#3--O'Rion switches the lever to the right side engaging the setting die. He adds a grommet washer, followed by the garment, then the on-top grommet. 

#4-- In  orchestrated motion O'Rion employs the foot press when needed for each cutting and setting action.

In conclusion:  a Simple, Elegant and  Efficient process, by-words for our work at Period Corsets®.


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