November 30, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Making Fergie's Green Silk Corset for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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 Making custom Period Corsets® for our clients is a wonderfully collaborative process from beginning to end.

This is exactly what we did with the designers of the 2009-10 Victoria's Secret Fashion show this fall.

We make all of our garments here in our studio in Seattle. Although Seattle may seem far from the Armory in NYC where the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show took place. Period Corsets® kept in close contact with the designers and stylists on the show to make certain our corset contributions on the runway went off without a hitch (or ON as the case may be) .

Now I will take you step by step through the making of Fergie’s custom corset; the central piece of her green silk corset gown.

It all starts with a call from the stylist or designer of a show  who is looking for a corset. They usually have in mind one of our styles of corsets from the Period Corsets® website  or they've picked one of our styles, but they'd like a few design changes.

#1 They send us their fabric. For Fergie's corset the Victoria's Secret designers chose a beautiful shimmering emerald/forest green silk taffeta. Perfect for Fergie! After the fabric's pressed and rolled we check in the custom project details...

#2 We swatch the fabric to our custom form and confirm every detail yet again. This ensures that what our designer wants is communicated consistently to our whole shop from coordintor to patternmaker, cutter and stitcher. Is there a pattern alteration in style? Which size do we start with?  Is the corset flatlined? What fashion fabric? Which coutil do we line the corset with ?  Is there trim detailing....

#3 If there are no pattern changes to our Period Corsets® style,  it goes straight to the cutter. Victoria's Secret chose our c 1900 Lilly corset  for Fergie. Already pressed and rolled; we cut out and lined their lustrous green silk to our black jaquard coutil.

#4 Off to the sticher, who follows all details as directed by the notes. We compare our performers measurements to the size of the corset for  a perfect fit.  We even include easy alteration points at the side seam for our clients last minute changes if the need arises.

#5 Sewing seams, pressing, clipping, turning, grading, bagging out, topstitching. Now in with the boning!  Shaping and molding the fabric pieces into the final garment takes skill.

#6 It's Done! Just a quick test fitting. It works!

#7 We take our final measurements of the corset and a last look for quality control.  It's ready to ship out:  overnight, ground or anything in between, whatever our client prefers.
This one's off to New York City. Period Corsets® part is done. 
 The designers and wardrobe department on the Victoria's Secret Fashion show take it from here. Sometimes the stylists will add trims, or an over-layer of lace or fabric, even whole costumes over it so you won’t be able to see the corset. They may have just wanted the shape our corset lends. 
Whatever the design dictaes, they work their magic to create the elaborate, winged fanciful and fantastic underwear ensembles that you will see on the runway.

 In  Fergie's case they styled it into a gorgeous flowing green corest gown.
photo credit: Jason DeCrow/AP
Tune in tonight on CBS at 10pm EST/PT to see Period Corsets® on the runway and for Fergie's performance in her Period Corsets® Lilly Corset!

Who else will be wearing  Period Corsets® on the runway tonight?  (Hint:  Marisa, Allesandra, and Lindsay.) Click here for a sneak peak.

photo credit: Jason DeCrow/AP

November 23, 2009

Period Corsets® Corsets made an impact in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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According to the Associated Press :
"...Compared to previous years, the overall collection didn't seem as skimpy, ..."  Of course! They are wearing Period Corsets®.

Quoted from the article below:

Heidi Klum wows crowd at Victoria's Secret show 

November 20, 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Corsets by Period Corsets®

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Yes Period Corsets® fans, you heard correctly. We made corsets for the 2009-10 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, which will be airing on December 1st on CBS at 10 pm EST.

 Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas is wearing Period Corsets® c.  1900 Lilly corset in a glowing green gown of silk taffeta.

 Don't miss Fergie in performace!
Check out the making of Fergie's corset.

Photo Credit: Jason DeCrow/AP

Marisa Miller strikes a pose in Period Corsets® Lilly Corset c. 1900 made in a red lame’ fabric with black lace overlay.

  photo credit: Jason DeCrow/AP


    Alessandra Ambrosio graces the runway in Period Corsets® Alice c. 1880 corset custom patterned with an underbust design. The designer Todd Thomas picked an exquisite vintage silver fabric.

Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/ Getty Images

Lindsay Ellignson portrays little red riding hood in the fairytale inspired portion of the show. Look closely and you will see she is wearing a Period Corsets® corset;  our Madonna corset made in a luxurious wool plaid.

photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty images
For Period Corsets® behind the scenes at the 2009-10 Victoria's Secret Fashion show click here

Final curtain call!  Marisa and Alessandra rock Period Corsets®
(Lindsay too- not-pictured)

photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty image

November 19, 2009

Program Credits for Period Corsets "Custom Corset Pieces" in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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There were many, many talented artists, coordinaters,  dressers, designers, pattern makers, assistants involved with the production of the Victoria's Secret  Fashion Show 2009.  I have abridged the credits from the show to show only the first two pages and the pages that include our garments.

Here they are, Period Corsets® featured in the credits.

Run of Show models credits:  In order of apperance ( abridged)

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