May 1, 2009

Lilly c.1900, May's Corset of the Month

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In celebration of Spring we are featuring our  Lilly c.1900 corset for the month of May.

The Lilly corset is inspired by the corsets designed for "ladies of action" at the turn of the century. During this time period, women increased their participation in sports and adventure activities. A shorter corset such as this style enabled them to better ride horses, play tennis, and travel to exotic lands while still keeping a gentle-but-firm shaped waistline. This corset is used by customers wanting a distinct waist shape, while maintaining a more natural line in the bust and hip.

Savannah College of Art and Design dancers wore this style of corset with our chemises and bloomers in a piece called "The Crossing" (an excerpt from their dance is on their web site in the video montage of performances).

photo courtesty of Dawn Testa; More Photos

Teatro Zinzanni, a cirque/comedy/cabaret performance with venues in Seattle and San Francisco, asked for our Lilly flat-lined to a beautiful wide striped silk, paired with our Full Pannier in matching fabric.

Pop-star Madonna wore a modified shorter version in her "Sorry" video; her request was for a corset in custom-dyed lavender satin coutil--danceable!

Whether you are seeking a period-accurate line from the 1900's, or wanting a curvy waist for any occasion, the Lilly is the style for you. Its verstility demonstrates why the Lilly was and continues to be a popular style.


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