May 22, 2009

Meet Period Corsets® "Phil"

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Here at Period Corsets® we have a wide and deep variety of talents. With this breadth of knowledge we have created our line of historic period undergarments; we research, test patterns, and streamline our construction methods. When we put our products into production, we continue to perfect and update them. In short we pour our love and skill into our work. Over our 12 years in business we have had many wonderful personalities contribute to our success: patternmakers, cutters, first hands, stitchers….and today we are happy to introduce to you one of our favorite personalities:

“Phil”—our Industrial Stuffing Machine.
Phil saves us time and money, and comes to the rescue every time.

As costumers know bustle pads and bum rolls come in all shapes and sizes. But when they come in large quantities to stuff by hand, Phil is our favorite friend.

I am speaking tongue in cheek as we prize our flesh-and-blood employees over our metal counterparts. Yet costumers worth their salt know how important it is to have the right tools and machines for the job at hand. At Period Corsets® we specialize in the ever-exciting pursuit of finding and employing the perfect tool for the job—whether it’s honing the technique of constructing a corset or using the right size needle for stitching a certain fabric or stuffing bum pads with alacrity. Creating the highest quality products is part of our mission.
We hope you enjoy meeting "Phil" as much as we enjoyed introducing him!

"Phil" and employee in action stuffing a 17th C. Bum roll

See this video on the Period Corsets Youtube channel.


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