June 21, 2009

Period Corsets® in HBO's "True Blood"

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Vampires wear Period Corsets®! At least this one does featured here in this screen shot from Season One Episode 5 of HBO's hit series "True Blood". This is a flashback to 1864 when the protagonist William Compton was made into a vampire.

Her hapless victim, pictured here in the lower right corner was half-starved ( so apparently was she) and on his way back to his family at the end of the civil war. He came upon her home requested food and shelter, but he got more than he bargained for.

This demure female vampire is wearing our Alice corset in cream Brocade Coutil. The wardrobe department needed two just in case they needed to reshoot the scene. Spilled vampire blood is not so easy to remove from costumes in a hurry.


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