October 2, 2009

Period Corsets® Chemises: October's Product of the Month

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What do people wear under their corsets? A chemise, of course. Early on, we added the Short and Three-quarter length sleeve chemises to our line of undergarments. The Sleeveless chemise followed shortly after. The most recent addition is the Romantic Chemise. The extreme fullness in the sleeves compliments those romantic Tudor, Elizabethan and Renaissance styles. And finally, we have our basic full length Shift for that simple medieval look.

Regarding period correctness: our chemises were developed with basic shapes in mind so they can be worn with a range of eras. For easy adjustability, the necklines in all styles have an elastic drawstring which can be tied tightly for a more demure neckline or loosened completely for an off-the-shoulder, more revealing look. A chemise adds a finished look to the period silhouette of an undergarment ensemble. When worn under a corset it helps decrease the number washings the corset might need during the run of a show, thus adding to the longevity of the corset.

Our stock chemises are made from a fine 100% cotton Batiste, available in either white or black. But don’t stop there! As with our corsets, petticoats and skirt supports, think of our chemises as a blank slate for the basis of your design or your custom fabric. Pictured below are examples of how our chemises have been styled in custom fabrics.

This is a wonderful example of what a little, or more accurately, what a lot of lace can do to our simple short-sleeve chemise. Pictured below is a chemise with a two inch wide lace insert on the sleeve hems, and a six inch wide gathered ruffle, creating this classic 18th century look. The neckline also has a slightly wider lace trim.

Compare our stock Shift on the right to a custom styled Shift on the left made in a creamy bamboo/linen blend, with 2"wide cotton accent trim at the neckline, sleeves, and hem.

This Romantic chemise, made in a shiny satin, becomes a rich addition to this Tudor ensemble.


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