August 23, 2010

A Lecture: The Politics of Women's Underwear 1790- 1950 by Rebecca Morrison-Peck

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Period Corsets! That ever-fascinating part of our attire that has shaped women's history....

For our Northwest colleauges:

Here is a link to “The Politics of Women’s Underwear: 1790-1950", a lecture this weekend at the Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver, Washington,  Saturday August 28th, given by historian Rebecca Morrison-Peck. (sited from The Columbian newspaper).

This lecture is part of the exhibit “Road to Equality: The Struggle for Women’s Rights in the Northwest” which runs through December 2011.

See below for examples of Period Corsets® corsets from the era's c. 1750 and  c. 1950. Our corsets are used by theatres, operas, universities and colleges, historic re-enactors--anyone and everyone who is interested in recreating a particular historical era.

 c. 1790 Marie corset



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