November 16, 2010

What is Steampunk? It could be a Period Corsets® Time Traveling Adventure in Seattle.

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What is Steampunk?

 Yes!   You ask, as do many others. Those “in the know”,  designing a show,  planning a costume; they all seem equally enthusiastic.  Well we've done the research and this source seems to encapsulate the answer perfectly.

Quoted from the steampunk scholar:

“The Steampunk Aesthetic:
Neo Victorian as:
‘ resembling reviving, or reminiscent of the Victorian Era’(OED)
In the Broadest sense possible

(In other words)
Steampunk utilizes a look and feel evocative of the period between 1890 and 1914, unencumbered by rigorous historical accuracy.”


Let the drama and creativity begin.

Seattle and the west coast are a forge of steampunk culture; sculpture, jewelry, and wearable art abound. Victorian details- copper, metal, gears, from corsets to working geared complex contraptions. Founded in the aesthetic of seminal steampunk literature, from Jules Verne to the Golden Compass, there live and breathe the new ideas and artistic innovative designs of today.

This weekend Seattle is hosting a Steampunk Convention.
And of even greater note we recommend the Steampunk Exhibition Ball on January 22, 2011

Period Corsets®,  the experts of 1880's costuming and beyond:
We've done our own research, and as an inspiration to our fans, followers and designers, we are featuring this historically inspired steampunk revisionist ensemble.

From design sketch to reality, time travel is possbile!

Thanks to Doris Black our designer and to the Period Corsets® shop for your gorgeous completed Steampunk ensemble!

Looking for authentic metal and wood clockwork gears? Too expensive?  Don't want to chop up old clocks?  Period Corsets® innovated a new method for making  the gears you see trimming this steampunk ensemble- stay tuned for more !


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