February 29, 2012

Period Corsets®: view in 360°: Alice Corset circa 1880

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We added the Alice c. 1880 corset to our retail line in 2006. We were seeking to capture the tiny  "wasp" waist and full rounded uncompressed bust which denote the silhouette of the Gilded Age.

The Alice is designed to be worn with the long, close-fitting cuirasse bodices of the 1880s. The front panels curve around the bust and hips to accentuate the curves; it includes a center front spoon busk closure controlling the waist and lower torso. The corset has double-boning throughout: the front seams with ¼” spiral bones, the straighter, taller back with ¼” steel bones.

To see examples of the Alice c. 1880's corset in custom fabrics take a look on our Etsy shop

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