January 1, 2014

King Roger holds court with Period Corsets® at the Santa Fe Opera

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Period Corsets® was honored to collaborate once again with the Santa Fe Opera, this time for their 2012 production of the Polish opera, "King Roger".  Costume Design By Ann Hould-Ward

design sketches by Ann Hould-Ward

After consulting with the design team we decided to start with our classic Theodora corset and reshape some of the seam lines plus add a shaped flange to the neckline.  The designs for these corsets required some customization to the overall shape, ending it at the waist for one style, reshaping the hem for the other, and raising the neckline. We sent a mockup for fitting.

 We made each pattern to the singers measurements so the final garment would fit like a glove.

c. 1890 Theodora Corset with new design lines

Santa Fe Opera sent us a beautiful palette of custom fabrics to make the 5 finished corsets.

The set of completed corsets

Time to lace you up and go!

photos courtesy Santa Fe Opera 
The finished costumes for King Roger


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