April 6, 2014

Period Corsets® Undercover in Turn on AMC

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Period Corsets® went undercover again, this time for the Revolutionary War drama "Turn" on AMC.
The series is based on the Culper Ring, a group of spies who eventually helped turn the tide during the American Revolutionary War.

Part of what Period Corsets® offers is a period silhouette for every era. We provide the proper undergarments to be used underneath a costume. You can choose your era within a time span that covers 500 years. The undergarments give the costume an accurate portrayal of the silhouette of that era. They also affect and can direct an actors movement, posture and poise. What you don't see underneath the costume is as important as what you do.

Actress Heather Lind wears Period Corsets undergarments

For actress Heather Lind, who plays Anna Strong, we created two custom 18th century corsets, one in a roughly woven, corded silk, the other in a pale pink sheer net. Worn beneath her costumes, these corsets aided to create the restrictive silhouette of the era.

18th c. in corded silk

18th c. in sheer quilted

Constructing the corsets


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