June 22, 2017

Period Corsets goes to the Renaissance Faire

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Summertime means Renaissance Festival fun for Period Corsets. When the weather makes the change to those warm summer nights, we know it's time to prepare for Festival season.
Client Naomi Ellis wears our Renaissance Faire bodice in Cocoa Brown

We love an excuse to dress-up and frolic around with other like-minded costumed friends. So, lace up your corset and grab some grog! Your local Renaissance Festival is the perfect event to don your Renaissance garb.

Festival Style 18th c. Ensemble

Period Corsets offers a broad range of choices for your costume needs. Full head-to-toe looks of a laced bodice, chemise and skirt, or simple mix and match pieces that you can pair with something right from your closet.

Our underbust boned bodice  harlequin style made in two colors of brocade

Our Anna Corset with optional side lacing,
make it your own by pairing with your own pieces

Our overbust and underbust styles can be made in a variety of colors and fabrics. For an inexpensive option, our basic laced front bodice is made in any color of Kona Cottons. For a full look, pair it with one of our Peasant style skirts in a matching or complementary color.

Our basic Boned Bodice, seen here in Petal Pink

What color will you choose? Our Peasant Petticoat in a rainbow of colors.

We offer a great many options so you can completely customize your look. Add tie-on sleeves or a reversible and removable center front stomacher that can be made in matching or contrasting fabric.

Watch the transformation- add sleeves and reversible stomacher

The saucy waist cinch, available in custom brocades or solids
Join the fun and search online to find your local Renaissance Faire or themed festival. It's a family friendly event that has become an annual tradition for people all over. See our many selections for Festival Wear on our Etsy site.


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