July 6, 2017

Period Corsets and Salem, An Eye on Detail

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Period Corsets has worked with countless designers and individuals over the years but none have brought us more amazing materials to work with than the astounding embroideries and beaded art work brought to us by television's Salem. For Season 3, designer Joseph Porro sent us heavily decorated fabrics to create their custom shaped boned bodices and corsets. 

Slate blue silk adorned with sliver beading and bullion embroidery for Mary Sibley

black silk with silver bullion embroidery for Mary Sibley

Pearls and embroidery on silk for Mercy Lewis' wedding dress
gold and silver on chocolate brown velvet for Mary Sibley

Gold bullion on white silk with matching pieces on dark green velvet for Mary Sibley

Even Anne Hale's subdued linen bodices featured fine detailing with tiny black beading

Racy red, embroidery and applique for Mercy Lewis
black silk with red embroidery for Mercy Lewis

Raffia embroidery, an amazing approach for Mercy's Marie Antoinette style corset

colorful floral embroidery for Anne Hale

Various detailed  bugs and flowers for Mary's wedding dress
See photos and more in-depth stories of our work with television's Salem through our past blog posts and on our Instagram


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