August 28, 2017

Period Corsets Ode to Brocades

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Finding the right material to match your corset
So, you've finally chosen your dream corset. The style is what you've been looking for, with all the right curves in the perfect places and all the best details to highlight your natural assets. But there's one more thing to decide. Which fabric?

From practical to elegant, finding the right fabric for your corset can be a challenge: a classic cotton coutil for something simple or a pretty satin or brocade for something a little more delicate looking.

100% cotton coutil in beige vs. brocade coutil in light pink

At Period Corsets, we love the versatility of our cotton coutils. This authentic corseting fabric  was designed just for this purpose with its tight herringbone texture, there is no stretching! It's practical, sturdy and dependable. But what if you want something just a little more elegant--  something that captures that vintage boudoir feel while maintaining the strength and durability needed? The answer is our brocade coutils.

Left to right: Light Blue, Light Pink, and White rose brocade 
Available in an array of colors, brocade coutils feature a light sheen and a pretty, tonal rose pattern throughout.

Say yes to the corset- c. 1770 Judith corset in crisp white brocade 

Period Corsets brocades add a touch of vintage femininity to every style of corset. They are perfect for the boudoir or as a lovely wedding corset. The brocade corset adds just the right amount of "pretty" to any ensemble.

Something Blue- our 18th c. Marie Antoinette in Light Blue brocade
Vintage Rose- our c. 1725 Louisa corset in dusty rose brocade

Rustic Romance- custom 18th c. corset in chocolate brown brocade
The light sheen of the tonal rose pattern enhances the delicate lines in the corset shaping, helping to feature the boning lines, with a color palette that compliments every type of woman from delicate pastels to bold, darker hues that compliment every woman.

brocades come in a range of colors from pastels to darks

Eternally Dark- c. 1660 Julia with added busk in black brocade

Bold Beauty- our c. 1660 Kristina in scarlet red brocade

Wrapped up in Roses- back view of our c. 1880 Alice in dusty rose


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