November 7, 2017

Masquerade Marie Antoinette by Period Corsets- to Rent or Own

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Marie Antoinette is big again! Hundreds of years later her influence, and that of the lavish fashions of the later 18th century, are still being felt all over. This was a time of extremes in fashion, with its wide panniers, full skirts, and bust enhancing corsets.

After hearing the needs of many, Period Corsets has designed a new, versatile take on this classic look. Perfect for a fancy ball or party, our modern Marie Antoinette features coordinating, interchangeable layers that can be removed and revealed as you saunter through the crowd. The only thing more fun than wearing a costume is one that can change with you throughout the evening!

Modern Marie Antoinette convertible skirt

By adding the convertible overskirt, your look can go from demure to sassy in seconds. The skirt can be worn open to reveal the pretty under-layers by pulling up on either side and tying it up with big ribbon bows. Or tie the skirt closed to hide the inner layers for a more covered, modest look.

Over-skirt worn closed with ribbon ties at the center front
The full skirt drapes beautifully over the modest pannier silhouette

Our focus for this fun and flirty homage was to craft an ensemble with mix and match separates at an affordable price. By using new streamlined time-saving techniques, we've created pieces that are an economical costume choice for any party, festival, or dress-up event.

This 4-piece ensemble includes the newest addition to our catalog, our frilly "Rustles". This is a simplified ruffled pannier with lighter boning and ribbon tie-on waistbands. The long bodied chemise doubles as an underskirt layer that peeks out below the "Rustles" and can be worn with or without the convertible overskirt.

Our "Rustles" with long ribbon ties for adjustability.
The 3 layers of ruffles hide an inner fabric-covered cage of light pannier boning. 

The long chemise doubles as a short skirt below the many layers
The tabbed 18th-century-style corset features adjustable shoulder straps with ribbon ties and peek-a-boo lacing at the center front giving you even more flexibility with shaping at the bust line.

Strike a captivating pose in this 18th c. style corset 

 Available in any size from small to 2X, or custom made to your measurements, this affordable ensemble can be made in any color. Save money by supplying your own fabrics or have us shop for materials for you. See here for more info on purchasing this set for yourself.

Or, if you're shopping for a one-night soiree, you can also rent this full ensemble through A Masquerade.

Watch as our ensemble comes together:


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