December 14, 2017

Designer Todd Thomas Dresses up with Period Corsets

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This past Halloween season brought us many fantastic custom projects for individuals and designers dressing their clients. For our collaboration with designer Todd Thomas, Period Corsets was asked to construct a full ensemble inspired by a historical silhouette. Thomas sent us his design sketch and fabrics to have Period Corsets create a bespoke ensemble worthy of the finest ball.

Design sketch by Todd Thomas with fabrics swatches
For this full look, Period Corsets created a bespoke corset made of gold and turquoise brocade, lined in sea foam blue moir√©. The corset featured straps with hidden elastic for a comfortable fit and to ensure the straps stayed in place during a night of fun.

corset straps with hidden inner elastic
The matching open overskirt was fashioned out of the same brocade and lining as the corset and was worn over a striped silk under petticoat. Both skirts were worn over our 17th century bum roll made in the matching blue moir√©. We loved the idea of the unseen underthings being made out of something just as beautiful as the outerwear.

Brocade over skirt with striped silk petticoat/underskirt

Hidden layers can be pretty too! Our 17th c. bum roll made in matching fabric
All together this four piece outfit created the most lovely shaping. The full look consisted of multiple separate layers that can be used on their own or mixed with other pieces for future outfits. To create the proper shaping of this era, you really need the right under-structure to make it work. The bum roll creates the back shelf-like shape with the skirts draping elegantly over it, achieved by adding pleating into the waistband to allow for that added volume. The corset literally tops off the look resulting in a complete 17th century ensemble. 

from the inside out

Classic 17th c. shaping

Watch the video of dressing from the outside in:


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