April 2, 2010

Period Corsets® Final Day at the USITT Conference in Kansas City

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Friday was our last day at the USITT conference.  We debuted the newest addition to our line of corsets, the c.1725 Louisa corset.  (See above on the form in the foreground)  This Louisa corset is made with a double layer of cotton coutil and a white linen/cotton blend.  The corset  is paired with a custom length Peasant Petticoat made in a rustic woven blue/grey  cotton.

The skirt supports tidy,  hanging all in a row...

Emily couldn't resist taking the complete c.1560 Salon ensemble home with her! Can't wait to see her facing off with Mary Queen of Scots at her Renaissance Festival this summer.

Time to pack up. See you next year in Charlotte!


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