April 2, 2010

Lucky winner of the Drawing for a free Period Corset® at the USITT Conference

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And....... the winner is.......

Rebecca White from Otterbein College in Ohio. She visited our booth first thing on Thursday to enter our drawing, and won a Period Corsets® garment.  In our email newslettter reminding everyone to visit us at USITT, we invite you to drop off a business card to enter a drawing at the conference--the lucky winner picks one of our corsets, petticoats or skirt supports. You have to be on our newsletter list to be invited!

Sign up from our web site so you won't miss out next year.

Our lucky winnner, Rebecca chose one of our skirt supports, a size medium 19th c. bustle. She's doing a production of "A Doll's House" next year and according to Rebecca, "I really don't want to make that!" Rebecca, we are glad to help you get jump on your build!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth. It was wonderful to see you all!


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