July 1, 2010

A peek of Period Corsets® Petticoats at the Met's curtain call of La Sonnambula 2009

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photo:compliments of operatictypepad.com

Period Corsets® petticoats peek out when the dancers kick up their heels in the curtain call number of the Metropolitan Opera's La Sonnambula. Most of the action takes place about 2:10 minutes into the clip!

See if you can pick out the Period Corsets® petticoats used as rehearsal skirts on some of the chorus ladies. Many of our petticoats are hanging on the rack on stage left. In the final scene of act one, the chorus members rip petticoats off the rack and proceed to fling them across the stage in a furor. A veritable petticoat storm ensues. Quite exciting!


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