July 17, 2010

Santa Fe Opera opens "Tales of Hoffmann"-- Ms. Erin Wall sings a plaintive song in her historic underwear, chorus members wear Period Corsets®

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"Elle a fui, la tourterelle" from "Tales of Hoffmann" at the Santa Fe Opera 2010
In a room in Crespel's house, Antonia (Erin Wall), his daughter, sits singing a plaintive love song.
Video compliments of the Santa Fe Opera

Constance Hoffman is the costume designer for this production. Santa Fe Opera sent Period Corsets® yards and yards of gorgeous striped taffetas and brocade silks to make the undergarments for the 18 chorus women. Santa Fe Opera's costume shop made leading lady Ms. Erin Wall's corset, which she wore with our bloomers and bustle petticoat.  The women's chorus undergarments are seen on stage; each singer wears a custom Alice c.1880 corset and bustle in different coordinating silks. The c. 1880 underwear ensembles were complimented with a sleeveless chemise, bloomers and short petticoat, all constructed of the most delicate of batiste cottons.

Here are some pictures of the chorus's  coordinating ensembles. It was a delight to work on this project!


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