September 24, 2010

Costume Design Sketches needed!

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Planning to attend USITT in Charlotte in March 2011? Have a gorgeous costume sketch that you would love to show off?

Design sketch by Gayle Baizer
Here's how it all comes together: Susan is presenting "Graceful Bodices: the Pattern After Draping". This session is a demonstration of techniques to easily and successfully transfer a draped bodice to a brown-paper pattern. Susan has presented two draping demonstrations, the first on period skirts followed by a session on bodices two years later.  This session is a follow up to those popular sessions, continuing the progression of the work of making a costume from idea to reality.

The sketch by Gayle Baizer featured here is the example Susan used  for the c.1850 era section of her Graceful Skirts session:  how to drape a rectangular skirt over a hoop pettiooat. 

Susan would love to give you a forum to show your sketch to your collegues. She is looking for a c. 1770 sketch (ice-cream cone shape), and a c. 1880 sketch (long cuirass bodice) or similar time periods. If you think you have a sketch that would work, please email Susan directly at

Once Susan has reviewed the available sketches, she will decide which will work best for her presentation, and will let you know if she will be using your sketch (which will become part of the handout for the session).

Thanks for helping out! And see you at USITT!

Our booth from last years conference in Kansas City.


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