October 1, 2010

Period Corsets® and Pirates

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Period Corsets® teamed up with Tiger Lee, a  fabulous graphic artist and wrangler of “hot pirate babes”. We provided corsets and sassy pirate ensembles for his over the top, tongue-in-cheek, annual Hot Pirate Babes Calendar. To create each months' wenchy pinup, Tiger lee paires his salty models with sexy garb, digitally re-masters the setting for a stunningly one of a kind argh-be-dar look.

Period Corsets® has been a fan of Tiger Lee's calendars and we are so proud to be included this year. Here is a sneak peak at the 2011 calendar.

***Do you have a picture of yourself or a colleague wearing a Period Corsets garment® or ensemble? Email it to Hilary at sales@periodcorsets.com  and we’ll send you a 2010 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar.

Don’t miss it!-- Period Corsets® styled as Pirate wenches arrrhhh.!

February’s wench titled “ Check Matie”
Photo credit: Tiger Lee

Lovely model Kaaren Renfroe wears a Period Corsets® c. 1790  Marie Corset styled in chocolate twill with black striped trim and black cotton pleated sleeve and hip ruffles, a very short Peasant Petticoat in black cotton and a Pocket Hoop Pannier styled in a jacquard cream and ecru cotton/linen blend. The horizontal boning is trimmed with black grosgrain ribbons tied in tidy bows at the out seams of each side hoop, the bottom hem edge is finished with a black cotton pleated ruffle.

Above Sassy Period Corsets® Ensemble garments-- styled by Idolatre Clothing  _________________________________________

Lovely model Molly Gyp wears our Red and Gold Brocade Wench style waist cinch corset.
Photo credit: Tiger Lee


June’s Pirate Babe titled “ Washed Ashore”
Photo credit: Tiger Lee

Lovely model Lisa Page wears a Period Corsets® Shift – wetted down and tossed on the high seas she must have lost her corset--left on the shore only in our shift  made in a cream bamboo/ linen blend and trimmed with cotton needle lace.

 Pirate Babes in Period Corsets® make wonderful Halloween costumes -- Here's to the season!


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