May 25, 2017

Period Corsets 20 Years in Business, Flashback Pricing

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Since 1997, Period Corsets®  has been making historic undergarments in Seattle for costumers and designers across the country and overseas.  As a big thank you for supporting our company of U.S.-made garments for the past 20 years, we are choosing select styles and drastically reducing the prices for an unspecified time.  Now is your chance to own a Period Corsets corset.  

Watch the above video for an exciting reveal!
Help us celebrate by enjoying a look back and taking advantage of our limited flashback pricing. 

It started with Julia
In 1997, Period Corsets began with only 2 corset styles, our c. 1860 Julia and our c. 1890 Theodora. We're kicking off our look back by offering our Julia at special flashback pricing for a limited time. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we'll be offering rotating items at special prices. Check our website and Instagram to see what's next. 

Help us celebrate our 20 years in business! Post photos and share your stories of your Period Corsets® memories. 

Period Corsets has proudly supported the arts for the last 20 years. Built upon extensive research and patternin, we have continued to offer the highest quality historical undergarments on the market, and supplied countless theatres, designers and universities.
Our large client list includes The Metropolitan Opera, multiple Broadway shows, numerous films and television shows and our many loyal universities across the country. By purchasing a Period Corset piece for your collection, you're not only supporting independent businesses and designers but also helping to provide a living wage for our highly skilled workers right here in the USA. We have continued to put quality and speed a the forefront. With masterful attention to detail and a passion for history and fashion, Period Corsets is your complete source for historic undergarments. 


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