May 22, 2017

Period Corsets Brings Structure to Cosplayer's Outlander Ensemble

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Period Corsets and cosplayers rejoice, we've found a corset match made in heaven! Costume enthusiasts from all around use Period Corsets as their secret weapon to provide the perfect shape beneath their ensembles or as part of their final costume.
Cosplayer Amanda wears Period Corsets stays beneath her Outlander dress.

What is a costume without the proper structure? Amanda from Analeigh Cosplay knows a thing or two about finding the perfect details for each outfit. Amanda was our lucky winner in one of our Period Corsets giveaways. Her prize of our 18th c. stays made of golden yellow silk, was the perfect match for her Outlander cosplay. 

Period Corsets turned to the 18th c. for inspiration on this beautiful flatlined corset, made of rich yellow Dupioni silk with white ribbon ties and modest tabs. A beautiful addition to any Beauty and the Beast ensemble or, in this case, the perfect base for a Claire Fraser costume.

Period Corsets in action, constructing the stays
The original inspirational costume from television's Outlander
Analeigh Cosplay visiting the original costume on display and her in progress version. 

 Used as a hidden layer to provide the perfect shape, our corsets and skirt supports give cosplayers and costumers that extra detail needed to achieve the right look. When worn as underwear, a corset can help to transform the body's shape and create a great base for your costume. When made in gorgeous fabrics, all of our pieces also can work beautifully as the costume itself. With the growing popularity of corsets used as costumes in cosplay, Period Corsets comes to the rescue to work with our clients on their custom ideas. 

Period Corsets under cover corset, ready to shape and support! We're a cosplay secret weapon!

The final corset, sized for Amanda and ready to tour her many Comicon appearances across the U.S. 

Analeigh Cosplay in her replica Outlander gown worn over her Period Corsets stays

Analeigh Cosplay is a Canadian cosplayer who has been delighting her fans with her own versions of super heroes, Disney princesses and other fictitious favorites. She was our lucky Free Corset Winner of 2017.
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