April 2, 2018

Period Corsets in the pages of CR Fashion Book

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Straight from our studios to the newsstands- Period Corsets was featured prominently throughout Issue 9 of CR Fashion Book magazine. This high fashion publication was able to take advantage of our rental service to fill their pages with with some truly wonderful photo spreads.

CR Fashion Book is the latest endeavor from former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld. This large scale fashion magazine covers everything from runway to celebrity and beyond. Peppered throughout this issue are various pieces from Period Corsets including a large array of our corsets and skirt supports. Showcasing the versatility of a good corset, our many pieces were featured in a large variety of style editorials expanding beyond our usual historical looks.

Period Corsets c. 1860 Julia corset in pink brocade

Front to back, our corsets look great from every angle!

Our full pannier in a whole new way!

Our brocade Julia corset with some added punk flair

Among the many fashion-forward style editorials, there was a touch of celebrity style. Showcasing a softer look in our pastel brocades, our corsets were modeled beautifully by Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. With a feminine and more delicate look, our corsets were a lovely accompaniment to these graceful ladies.

Willow wears our c. 1860 Julia while Jada wears our c. 1860 Underbust Alice

Willow striking some theatrical poses in our 18th c. Marie Antoinette

Bring on the drama, Willow wears our c. 1860 Julia

 The reoccurring theme for this issue was the ever popular, Queen Marie Antoinette. CR Fashion Book gave us a modern and bold take to this historic fashionista, an icon that continues to inspire today's fashion world. Our 18th century Marie Antoinette corset was the perfect accompaniment to their inspired looks, using our historical shaping but combining the corset with truly modern pairings of denim. Even our c. 1880 Alice took a spin in denim for a truly unique new look.

Period Corsets undercover- our pink brocade Lilly underbust

Achieving maximum cleavage with our Alice

Daring Denim:Our Alice corset gets a bold new look, covered in modern denim

Tabbed and fabulous- our flat front Marie Antoinette corset in brocade

Beyond the many looks inspired by Marie Antoinette, our pieces went another in direction with some high-fashion bridal looks. Our c. 1860 Julia, a classic hourglass corset, in light blue brocade provided the "something blue" for the willowy bride. Our 18th century pocket hoop pannier also made an appearance, ready to make a statement for that special day.

Since the publication of Issue 9, we have continued to work with the talents at CR Fashion Book. For Issue 11, our classic c.1770 Judith corset was worn by Kim Kardashian West in a recreation of Pamela Anderson's classic Red Carpet look. Kim's look was part of a nostalgic editorial that paid homage to nine iconic celebrity ensembles from the 90's, as modeled by celebrities and models from today.

Kim wears our c. 1770 Judith corset


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