April 4, 2018

Venice is Sinking Masquerade Ball

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Period Corsets costumes made a lasting impression at this year's lavish masquerade ball, Venice is Sinking. Back for it's 11th year, this fantastical gathering of costumed attendants wined, dined and danced the night away, several of whom wearing a Period Corsets ensemble or corset.

Attendee wearing a full Period Corsets costume ensemble
In conjunction with costume rental house A Masquerade, Period Corsets costumes made their red carpet debut and twirled through the night. Several party attendees found their perfect costume match within the doors of our rental friends at A Masquerade who carries a large range of our ensembles and singular pieces ready to mix and match into unique looks.

A gathering of lovelies assembled wearing their Period Corsets costumes

A Masquerade owner Kyra Stewart, and her creative staff, use their magic, and great design skills, to outfit their clients in the perfect ensemble to match any event. Using our corsets, skirts, skirt supports or Rustles, Kyra and crew artfully combines our pieces with their own stock pieces to put together unique looks for each client. With a large range of pieces spanning across many eras of fashion, Period Corsets rental line and A Masquerade have found a lovely partnership ready to serve the demand of party go-ers across the Pacific Northwest.

Along with the many rented looks, client Kim Clements debuted her one-of-a-kind ensemble, a collaborative effort between herself and Period Corsets. Kim discovered our pieces through A Masquerade and contacted us directly to create some unique pieces to match the rest of her costume build. Kim supplied her own fabrics for a bespoke corset and ruffle pannier Rustles to match her wonderful handmade bolero jacket and open front skirt. 

These lovely ladies selected their looks from our many Victorian styled offerings. Wearing a plum brocade c. 1880 Alice corset and a teal c. 1905 Mae corset, both with matching Tulip skirts, these two were dressed to impress!

An overview of the party hosted at Seattle Design Center

Not only a wonderful excuse for playing dress-up, this annual masquerade ball offered a full evening of entertainment and treats for the eyes. Offering up a new act every 15 minutes, Venice is Sinking provided a stage for a whole range of performances from opera singers, musicians, dancers, contortionists and acrobats, burlesque and even suspended shibari. 

A small assortment of the evening's entertainment including opera signers, burlesque, and suspended dancers
And what is an evening of lush extravagances without the proper snacks?  Once inside the Marie Antoinette Dessert Room, attendees entered a world of sweets. Platters were overflowing with all manner of treats so that everyone could have their cake, and eat it too.

Let them eat cake!.... and petite fours, and macarons

Marie Antoinette guards her treats at the entrance of the dessert room

Delicious dainty treats in the Marie Antoinette Dessert Room

  Gorgeous in gold, this fine lass wore our tabbed corset in gold brocade with matching lace trimmed chemise, and sequined Rustles. Love this look? Get your own, and other similar looks, made in the colors of choice through our Etsy.

All photos courtesy of Olga Plastino


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